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LIFE COACHING Accredited Life Coach & Member of the International Authority of Professional Coaches & Mentors
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At Regnad Professional Services, we have an accredited Life Coach to deal with lots of issues facing people whether in their personal lives, business or indeed the sporting sphere.

The Life Coaching here at Regnad we are qualified  to coach anyone in any situation and includes “Workplace Coaching”. Life Coaching assists clients create a work-life balance, make better decisions, assist them with career changes, reduce stress, make a bigger impact on the world, have better relationships, reach their health and fitness goals, get in touch with their creativity, increase their income and better manage their time.

Essentially all coaching, whether Executive Or Life is about supporting the client and giving them the tools they need to succeed on their personal journey.

An Executive Coach usually works with middle and senior management along with Human Resource Departments to assist them develop the skills of their staff, increase productivity and profitabiity.

It also involves offering support to small business owners, entrepreneurs, start-up companies and owner/managers to help them to run proficient operations, launch new businesses and thrive in a competitive environment.

Life/Personal coaching is often an integral part of executive coaching assisting the individual deal with personal issues.